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Güzelyalı’s climate is present in only 3 places all around the World. The North-east-wind and sea breezes with rich amount of oxygene is a preferable option for a healty life.

The climate is so beneficial that most of the people, who suffers from bronchitis and respiratory diseases, living here don’t need medicines.

- It is Bursa’s window to Istanbul. The public and private companies like BUDO and IDO with their ferryboats, reduced the access to Istanbul down to 75 minutes.

- This region is famous for it’s olive and olive oil, fig, grape as well.

- Mudanya is the most important connection between Istanbul and Bursa. Here is a peaceful residential area, where you can feel at home, with it’s central location and hospitable residents.

- It is the shortest way to connect Istanbul(Europe) to Anatolia. It is a passage point of the transportation to Ankara,Izmir and South Provinces.

- It is the closest province to city center of Bursa. It takes 20 minutes to arrive Bursa from Mudanya by car.

- With it’s glamorous beach ,which streches from Güzelyalı to Mudanya, Mudanya is the most attractive coastal town.

- Unlike Gemlik ,where the industrial development damages the nature, another coastal town, Mudanya is away from industrial threats and it is the only alternative in means of coast.

- All across Mudanya, there is natural gas infrastructure and warm water & heating 24/7.

- Mudanya is a cute region where people from Bursa yearn for having a rest near the sea.

To put it simply;

It is an advantageous region in means of it’s being away from the city’s air pollution, being close to city center and easy ways&means of transportation.


Being 20 km away from Bursa, Mudanya is one of the oldest harbor cities of Bursa. The establishment of Mudanya goes back to the BC 8th century . This seaside town has great attraction with its weather and wonderful seaview .

When established first, it was the colony of the Colophes and its name was Myrleria.

The castle was demolished by Orhan Bey in 1321, in order not to be seized by the enemies any more. According to travelers, there were remains of the old city till 19th. century. With the streets remained from the Old Greeks, when you go to west through the coast, you can encounter the charming villages of Trilye / Zeytinbağı and Siği / Kumyaka. These are old Greek villages famous for their old houses and churches, where also many movies were made in.


Under the regulation of the Mudanya district, it is one of the suburb villages. It is a city, which has roots back to the Roman and Byzantium time. It is in the middle of Mudanya and Zeytinbağı.

The name of the village in Byzantine period was Siguino. It means ‘’Peninsula’’in the Luwi language.

It is an old Greek Village. There is a church named Hagios Taxiarchoil / Archanloi here.

It is said, that the church was built at the end of the XIX.th century, but there are also claims that the church was built around 780.

As a matter of fact that, there was a church named Hagios Michael in 1883. according to After Greeks left the village, Cretans from Kandiya came and settled in the coast of Sigil.

Trilye (Zeytinbağı)

Trilye is famous for its olive and grape. Rich amount of fish is obtained and also 7 churches and 3 holy springs (ayazma) are found there. The ‘’church with vault’’ which’s columns were brought from Alexandria is said to be the first church, whose walls were patterned in the world. St. Stephanos Church was converted into the Fatih Mosque. Wine and olive oil used to be exported from Trilye to Europe. The most important building’s name is the Stone School, which was built as a ‘Priest School’ in 1907.

Güzelyalı (Burgaz)

A most liveable place with it’s closeness to Mudanya hosting the ferry dock, it’s fame for getting attention both in summer and winter seasons, beach, facilities for walking in day & night, cafes, seagulls..

Because of the huge demand we have 2 offices in this area.

Smart & Reliable Advisor with qualified team on the field of Real Estates in Turkey. Apart from the Real Estate Sales, you will also get post-sale services supported by Business Network ,which covers many suppliers and manufacturers in various Services( for more info. please visit the page Exclusive Services), managed by him.

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