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About Our Business

Since 1997, we provide consultancy services which provide added-value to our Customers.

As an Advisor, we support foreign citizens , who want to purchase Real Estates in Turkey both for individual and commercial purposes, in means of services which you can face both in pre and post sales.

Our Customers can receive support in many areas, like their post-sale issues which may appear in their daily lives in different streches and their needs which may be needed in life fluency after sales, with the help of our partners whose principle is responsibility. With our Network which we expanded day by day with Exclusive Services besides being a real estate agent , we are becoming a family member in Turkey which our Customers can receive help in all areas of their lives.

Our prior principle is building long-term relations with all parties we work with and working with references. Fort his reason our purchaser contentedness is the base priority.

Wholeheardtedly, we believe that a Real Estate Agency can provide maximum benefit to its Customers as long as it can provide a qualified, liveable, modern options for high investment potential to it’s purchasers .For this reason, the projects, taken into consideration in our real estate portfolio, are evaluated studiously.

As we provide consultancy services, our aim is to be respectful to commercial ethics, pertain Turkish community hospitality, make our Customers feel at their homes, make our trade mark and business favourite. This precision, can be observed easily by our Customers and mentioned.

It will be our privilege to host you in Turkey and Bursa ,where is our region, meeting you with our services which you need while deciding about the real estates you want to buy and a quite number of issues you will need after-sale period.

By using the contact information, please convey, both written or literally, your demands, queries or questions about our Projects which you wonder. The Property Herald ,whom you can contact by an e-mail or call, not only going to make you purchase an estate in Turkey, but also make you feel at your home in this country.

Smart & Reliable Advisor with qualified team on the field of Real Estates in Turkey. Apart from the Real Estate Sales, you will also get post-sale services supported by Business Network ,which covers many suppliers and manufacturers in various Services( for more info. please visit the page Exclusive Services), managed by him.

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