How to arrive in Mudanya, Güzelyalı and Bursa city center ?

Bursa is getting a huge attention in recent years from different countries especially in terms of it’s tourism and the advantages of transportation in means of round/reciprocal sea bus journeys in each day between Istanbul and Mudanya. Journeys just take 75 minutesby big ferryboats, averagely, from departure point to destination point.

There is direct flights to Istanbul from many countries. For further information, please have a look at the website stated below:

As part of our business services,

we are able to greet you at the airport or any other point when you arrive in Istanbul.

In case you prefer this service for the point of Atatürk Airport (IST) and Sabiha Gokcen Airport (SAW) in Istanbul or fort he any other third point, please let us know your requirement before the departure day. In this manner you we will be let us greet you thorougly and take you punctually to the hotel which you will stay .

If you prefer public transports to arrive in Mudanya, Bursa, you will be greeted by our staff when you arrive in Mudanya Ferryboat Station or arrive in the Inter provincial Bus Station in Bursa .

How to arrive from ISTANBUL to seacoast town, Mudanya, BURSA

 After landing, you should get to Kabataş Ferryboat Station from Atatürk Airport by train or taxi. Then you need to buy a ticket for ferryboat, which available only for passengers, to Mudanya, Bursa (two hours) . Please check the timetables and fares from the website links of the related companies given below . IDO Company ( EN Language is available) BUDO Company

 The second alternative after landing is to get to Yenikapı Ferryboat Station from Atatürk Airport .Then you need to buy a ticket for ferryboat, which available passengers and also vehicles, to Mudanya, Bursa (75 minutes) . Please have a look at the timetable and fares visiting the web link below . IDO Company

 The third way to arrive in Bursa Region is to get a flight ticket to Gemlik town from Golden Horn(Haliç), Istanbul, in 18 minutes by hydroplane (seaplane). In case required, we may pick you up from Gemlik town by VIP cars. Please have a look at the timetable and fares for flight ticket visiting the link below . Sea Bird and Burulas Companies

 In case you have a flight to Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport where located in Anatolia side of Istanbul, you can arrive in Mudanya, Bursa only by bus or taxi . In case required, we may pick you up from the airport by VIP cars .

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